Welcome to 3dogs Prints.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a range of Limited Edition Prints, not only from well known artists such as Vic Granger, Mick Cawston and Paul Doyle but also from up and coming artists such as John Hersevoort.

What are Limited Edition Prints? They are reproductions of original paintings. There are only a certain number op prints made (the edition). There are never reprints. Sold out is simply sold out.
All prints are fine art colour reproductions printed in light-fast inks on heavy acid free paper, numbered and signed by the artist.

Several original paintings (which are larger than the prints) by Vic Granger and John Hersevoort are for sale. Prices on application.

Because we have become an associate of Sally Mitchell Fine Arts in England, it is now possible to offer you an extensive collection of prints depicting a range of subjects and by a range of artists.

Here you will find prints of cats, dogs, hunting, wildlife, landscapes, country pasttimes, airplanes and many more subjects.

Please note that in this part of the site, the prices are in Pounds Sterling. The sections for Vic Granger and John Hersevoort are in Euro's.

Should you encounter problems when ordering (for example, you don't have a credit card, you prefer not to pay via internet, etc.), it is still possible to order direct from us via an email. An arrangement can be made so that you can make payment through a bank account.

Enjoy your visit.

Lauwra Huskens
3dogs Prints